Chiropractic Postpartum Rehab


About Dr. Emily Baas, Chiropractor 

Dr. Baas has spent years focused on training and education on pregnancy and postpartum treatment & rehabilitation.

She is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Dr. Baas is extremely passionate about proactively helping mamas through their pregnancy and aiding them in their recovery after having their little one.

Why Postpartum Rehab

The goal is to decrease symptoms that can present after giving birth.

Those symptoms can vary from leaking, urgency, pelvic floor pain/heaviness, low back pain, shoulder tension, headaches, numbness in your hands, tailbone pain etc.

Your rehab exercises are individualized and selected based on the presentation of your symptoms!

This is NOT about building a workout program for you.

It IS about teaching you foundational exercise movements.

Appointment Options: 
  1. Treatment Focused Appointments 

This is a 20-minute appointment where the focus is on muscle work, cupping, joint mobilizations and/or adjustments.

Your rehab exercises are then emailed to you through a program called Physitrack. Here, you can log in and view your personalized exercise protocol. There are videos of how to perform each of the exercises.

2. Treatment AND Rehab Appointments 

This is a 40-minute appointment. For the first 20 min, we focus on muscle work, cupping, joint mobilizations and/or adjustments.

The second half is spent on in-person rehab exercises. We go over your personalized rehab exercises together and then a summary is emailed to you after your appointment.

3. Rehab Only Appointments 

This is a 30-minute appointment where we focus on your individualized postpartum rehab exercises.

No hands-on treatment is rendered during these appointments. The focus is on functional movements and going through a series of exercises together.

4. Virtual Appointments

This is a 30-minute appointment where we focus on your individualized postpartum rehab exercises.

This is done through our booking platform- Jane App. This is a virtual form of postpartum rehab where we go through your postpartum rehab exercises together (in the comfort of your own home).

The goal it to provide various options based on your time available for appointments to reach multiple price points so you are not limited by cost to seek postpartum rehabilitation. 

Generalized Postpartum Rehab

Here is a breakdown of the exercises you and Dr. Baas will go through during each postpartum appointment.

Appointment 1: Breathing Focused + Core Connection Introduction

Appointment 2: Pelvic Floor Connection + Hip Flexors Stretching/Strengthening 

Appointment 3: Core and Abdominal Muscles + Diastasis Recti Recovery 

Appointment 4: Glute Focused + Hamstring and Quads

Appointment 5: Upper Back (Thoracic Spine) + Shoulders and Neck 

Appointment 6: Advanced Strengthening + Progressional Overload Exercises 

**These chiropractic appointments may be covered by extended health, please check with your extended health provider. For current fees, click here **