Sophia Fiske was born and raised in Delta BC. She is a dedicated Clinic Administrator at Fiskco Health and Performance, where she combines her passion for
health and wellness with exceptional administrative skills. A graduate of South Delta Secondary School in 2021, Sophia is set to further her education at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts this upcoming fall, where she will undertake a 240-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Before joining Fiskco, Sophia sharpened her customer service skills as a receptionist at a hair salon in Steveston and as a waitress at a local restaurant in Tsawwassen. These roles laid a strong foundation for her current position, where she excels in various administrative tasks. In her free time, Sophia enjoys a variety of activities that reflect her love for an active and balanced lifestyle. She practices yoga, explores hiking trails, and LOVES visiting farmers markets and food trucks to discover new culinary favorites.

Proudly part Indigenous, Sophia is a member of the Heiltsuk Nation from Bella Bella, B.C. Her participation in the 2023 Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) conference with Dr. Fiske deepened her interest in learning about the Heiltsuk people and local Indigenous communities. This experience has inspired her to explore her heritage further and contribute to the understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures. She is committed to combining her professional skills with her passion for wellness and community engagement here at Fiskco Health & Performance