Wendy’s passion for different forms of health care began after having major surgery for TMJ problems years ago. Barely being able to control the pain with a variety of painkillers, she tried acupuncture out of desperation and after only one treatment, managed to throw away two of the three types of painkillers she was taking on a regular basis. 

Later in life she discovered chiropractic care after having a headache that lasted 3 weeks, and a chiropractor fixed it – offering a solution rather than just medication to mask the pain.  She’s also been helped over the years from massage therapists and naturopathic doctors and even though the surgery didn’t ‘cure’ her TMJ, it is now completely controlled through minor adjustments and stretches.

After working in many different offices and different types of business, Wendy finds it amazing to watch the journey of patients striving to attain their best health.  She loves the way Fiskco Health + Performance works collaboratively to the benefit of each patient.  Bringing together all the modalities under one roof and having practitioners happy to refer and collaborate with each other gives the patient the best possible outcomes.

Wendy grew up in Richmond and after living a life filled with travel and adventures in Banff, then Maui, then many years in Australia, settled in Ladner where she’s lived happily for the past 17 years with her favorite Aussie souvenirs (a husband and 2 kids).